Maverick Security Patrol Services

Active Shooter Incidents

    According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), 46% of "active shooter" incidents are ended by application of force by Security or Police.  Maverick Security Patrol Services works directly for you and only you.  Unlike local law enforcement who has to be called to the scene when problems arise, with an average wait time of 18 minutes.  Maverick Security Patrol Services is already on site.  Maverick Security Patrol Services, with its Commissioned Officers, has the same authority as local law enforcement on your property except for the power to arrest a suspect.  And we take care of that by detaining the individual / individuals and calling law enforcement for you.

  • 40% of active shooter incidents end in suicide.       
  • 14% of the time, the shooter surrenders.
  • Less than 1% of active shooter incidents end with the attacker fleeing.

Active shooters have a mind set that they are going to inflict as much harm as possible before they are taken down or removed from the scene.

Whether it's active shooter or your property that needs protecting, call Maverick Security Patrol Services today and let us protect you from the "bad guys".

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